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Abayat Fadia



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Introducing a captivating ensemble featuring a light brown muslin abaya intricately embroidered with rafia and green leaves, paired with coordinating pants crafted from the same exquisite material. This ensemble exudes natural beauty and rustic charm, perfect for those who appreciate earthy tones and intricate detailing.

 The light brown muslin abaya boasts a flowing silhouette, offering both comfort and elegance. The rafia and green leaf embroidery adds a touch of botanical-inspired allure, creating a visually stunning design that is sure to turn heads.

 Complementing the abaya is a pair of coordinating pants, mirroring the same intricate embroidery and crafted with attention to detail. These pants offer a comfortable fit and effortless style, completing the ensemble with a cohesive look.

 To accessorize this enchanting ensemble, a necklace featuring semi-precious stones in green agate is included. Paired with a 100% copper chain, this necklace adds a subtle pop of color and texture, enhancing the overall appeal of the outfit.

This ensemble offers exceptional value for those seeking unique, handcrafted pieces that celebrate nature's beauty and craftsmanship.

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