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Abayat Fadia



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Presenting an enchanting abaya ensemble crafted from sky blue cotton crepe fabric, delicately embroidered with smoked satin accents, and accompanied by a muslin veil. This abaya embodies timeless elegance and charm with its serene color palette and exquisite detailing.

 The sky blue cotton crepe fabric exudes a sense of tranquility and grace, while the smoked satin embroidery adds a subtle touch of sophistication and allure. The intricate embroidery enhances the beauty of the abaya, creating a mesmerizing interplay of textures and colors.

 Complementing the abaya is a muslin veil, known for its softness and versatility, providing both coverage and comfort while adding an ethereal touch to the ensemble.

 This ensemble captures the essence of refined femininity and cultural heritage, making it an ideal choice for both formal events and everyday elegance. Priced at $185, it offers exceptional value for those seeking understated sophistication and timeless beauty in their attire.

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